Competition Ads Tool

With AdWords Intelligence you can generate hundreds of highly relevant ads within seconds. AdWords Intelligence enables you to grab textAds from your competitors, select the best ones and automatically add them to your campaign.

Main Window Keywords (Click on the image to enlarge)

To grab competition ads, you just have to open competition ads window, select campaign and adGroups that you want to check for competition and select Get Ads. You can also select Google domain and language where you want to check your competition.

Competition Ads

After few seconds AdWords Intelligence grabs the competition textAds for each selected adGroup. It will automatically set the display and destination URL values to the URLs you use in selected adGroups. You can edit each generated textAd and choose which ones to add to your campaign. After you choose all textAds that you want to add, just select Add selected ads and they will automatically be added to your campaign.

Competition Ads Results (Click on the image to enlarge)

Please note that this is just one of many AdWords Intelligence features, so take your time and look at all other great features.

You can test AdWords Intelligence by installing AdWords Intelligence Trial Version.

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