AdWords Intelligence Blog Posting

With Blog Posting feature you can post comments fast and easy on thousands of relevant blogs. It enables you to find relevant blogs, define comment variations, automatically rotate those variations on blog pages and keep track of the commented and uncommented blogs. It even identifies nofollow links on destination blogs.

Main Window Keywords (Click on the image to enlarge)

You can manually define the list of blog pages you want to comment or you can find them by using blog search query.

Blog List Settings

Then you can define comment variations (great for rotating anchor texts).

Blog Comment Settings

And you are ready to post comments. AdWords Intelligence automatically fills blog comment variations on selected blog pages. It marks nofollow links and keeps track of the blog pages you commented.

Blog Posting Results (Click on the image to enlarge)

Please note that this is just one of many AdWords Intelligence features, so take your time and look at all other great features.

You can test AdWords Intelligence by installing AdWords Intelligence Trial Version.

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