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AdWords Intelligence Features

AdWords Intelligence is a comprehensive tool that integrates all features necessary to build, manage and optimize your AdWords campaigns. Powerful combination of editor features, synchronization with AdWords system and many specialized tools really makes AdWords Intelligence the perfect All-In-One tool.

You can see the list of AdWords Intelligence features below. Screenshots and detail descriptions are available for each feature - just select more details by the feature you are interested in.

You can test AdWords Intelligence by installing AdWords Intelligence Trial Version.

Please note that AdWords Intelligence is created for Windows OS Environments.

logo Multiple Account, Campaign, AdGroup, TextAd and Keyword Management and Direct Synchronization with AdWords System
AdWords Intelligence enables you to manage multiple MCC Accounts, Client Accounts, Campaigns, AdGroups, TextAds and Keywords. You can add, remove and edit all those objects offline and just Download/Upload the changes to the AdWords system within one easy interface.

logo Competition Spy
How much time and money do you need to spend to discover which keywords, ads, bids and landing pages work the best? With AdWords Intelligence, you need just a few minutes! With our Competition Spy feature, you can find profitable niches, best converting keywords, ads, ad positions and landing pages – and automatically copy them to your campaigns. Don’t spend your time and money…let your competitors do the work for you! With AdWords Intelligence you can explore unlimited number of niches, keywords, ads and competitors for any country or language targeting. This is a feature integrated in the application, so once you buy AdWords Intelligence, you will be able to use it forever (no monthly fees)!

logo Estimating and Updating Bids to Maximize Your Profit
This amazing feature enables you to maximize your profit with just few clicks of the mouse. It will give you the whole new perspective on your adGroup bids - for the first time you will be able to estimate your profit for changes in adGroup bids.

logo Keyword Generator Tool
AdWords Intelligence enables you to generate new keywords and to collect search volume and keyword competition data. You can generate keywords for geographic and language targeting of your choice.

logo Generating Misspelled Keywords
It is useful to lower your CPCs by generating misspelled keywords. But generating random or all possible misspellings for each keyword will result with tens of thousands of useless keywords that will never get any clicks. That is why AdWords Intelligence contains the list of over five thousand most common misspellings in English and uses them to generate new keywords with low CPC.

logo Competition Ads Tool
With AdWords Intelligence you can generate hundreds of highly relevant ads within seconds. AdWords Intelligence enables you to grab textAds from your competitors, select the best ones and automatically add them to your campaign.

logo Split Tester
Want to minimize the time needed to split test your ads? How do you usually decide that you have enough data to declare the winning ad? Split Tester is a small but powerful feature that will save you time and money. It calculates how confident can you be that one ad is performing better than the other. You don’t need to wait to collect 30, 40 clicks any more – just use AdWords Intelligence and save your money. It can also download the performance data directly from your account and automatically delete or pause the worst performing ad.

logo Generating Keyword Permutations
With AdWords Intelligence you can easily generate thousands of keyword permutations within seconds. This keyword permutation feature enables you to define infinite number of keyword lists and mark them as required or optional in your resulting keywords. You can also use predefined keyword lists like world languages, countries, regions, cities, etc.

logo Landing Page Generator
Landing Page Generator will enable you to automatically generate hundreds of laser targeted landing pages that will drastically improve you CTR and conversion rates. It will use the data from your AdWords campaigns to create the most specific landing pages per each AdGroup. Landing Page Generator can also automatically update your ads to target new landing pages. If you want, you can make generic updates to every line of your textAds.

logo Translating Keywords Between 34 Languages
Translating keywords has never been easier. You just have to select your existing keywords or enter new ones and with one click of the mouse you can translate thousands of keywords. AdWords Intelligence contains 34 languages and you can use any of them as your source or destination language.

logo Intelligent Sorting of New Keywords to Existing AdGroups
This great feature will save you hours of work. It allows you to sort thousands of new keywords in existing adGroups with one mouse click. Whenever you generate new keywords using some AdWords Intelligence tool or by any other way you can simply sort all those keywords to existing adGroups. Sorting process will even identify negative keywords from your list.

logo Intelligent Keyword Grouping
You can use AdWords Intelligence to group the list of keywords to the new adGroups.

logo Replicating Keywords to Exact, Phrase and Broad Match
To achieve lower CPC it is important to have your keywords present in different match types. AdWords Intelligence enables you to replicate your existing or new keywords to different match types.

logo Importing/Exporting to AdWords Editor
With AdWords Intelligence you can import/export your account data to AdWords Editor.

logo Exporting to CSV
With AdWords Intelligence you can export your account data to CSV file. That can be very useful for using AdWords Intelligence with external tools and other PPC systems like Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

logo SEO Features
Now you can manage your SEO campaigns within AdWords Intelligence interface! Although mainly created for managing PPC campaigns, we thought it would be really useful to have the ability to manage PPC and SEO campaigns from one easy interface. AdWords Intelligence can analyze your or competition backlinks and can help you to create the list of quality web sites to place new links.

logo Blog Posting
With Blog Posting feature you can post comments fast and easy on thousands of relevant blogs. It enables you to find relevant blogs, define comment variations, automatically rotate those variations on blog pages and keep track of the commented and uncommented blogs. It even identifies nofollow links on destination blogs.
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